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Road show

TransferBA team will be servicing numerous venues in the upcoming months in order to help visitors take advantage of business opportunities and meet with community members all around Buenos Aires.

We aim to assist visitors to connect with potential partners as we get ready for the upcoming events.

TransferBA hopes to help facilitate
as many face-to-face meetings as possible.

City Tour

Arrange a city tour in the lovely city
and its surrounding.

Explore the most emblematic cultural
and historical spaces
, do some shopping.

And of course
taste the gastronomy.


The bride and groom arrive at their reception,
in an impeccable Mercedes Benz S Class
especially prepared with bouquets of white flowers.

The S-Class is the flagship model of the Mercedes-Benz family of cars. Designed with maximum performance and style, you can experience true elegance inside and outside of a luxurious S-class.

Trabajamos en conjunto con

We have been the leading transfer service company for the last five years. We carry out each wedding itinerary as if it were our own.

Proud to receive the Annual Wedding Awards for the Bridal Industry

Bar or Bat Mitzvah

Your thirteen-year-old boy or twelve-year-old girl is about to come of age, will soon be recognized as an adult and will be eligible to participate in Jewish religious ceremonies.

This only happens once,
and it's time for you to start preparing for the celebration.

Why not present your young or young lady to the new feeling of adulthood arriving in an elegant Mercedes-Benz S-Class?

15s coming out

Your daughter turns fifteen, this only happens once in a lifetime, and it's time for you to start preparing for the celebration.
A very important part is her arrival at the party, TransferBA offers you classic and modern cars so that the beginning is wonderful.

Our Amazing Fleet

Style, effectiveness & reliability

Our selection of business sedans and vans are perfect for transporting you and your guests to and from your destination, in comfort and in style. Wherever you’re destination, whether it be Ezeiza International Airport, Newbery City Airport or a business function, our chauffeurs will provide you with a convenient and hassle-free ride.

Our service features:

  • Accommodations for 1 - 5 people & their luggage
  • Late model Sedans & Minivans which ensure maximum comfort & reliability
  • Various additional services such as city tour, road show, and out-of-town!

Luxury Sedan

Mercedes Benz S320

Passengers: 3

Color: Diplomatic Blue

Leather seats

Bottled water and WiFi on board

Volkswagen Vento

Business Van

Mercedes Benz V-Class

WiFi On Board

5 Passengers

5 Luggage Quantity

Luxury Sedan

Mercedes Benz S320

WiFi On Board

3 Passengers

3 Luggage Quantity

Business Sedan

Mercedes Benz E-Class

WiFi On Board

3 Passengers

3 Luggage Quantity

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